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Marvel’s Avengers Game Weekly and Daily Challenges Guide – Fastest Way to Farm XP & Rewards News 0

News 0 Looking for the fastest way to finish most of your weekly and daily challenges in Marvel’s Avengers?? Well, we here at MP1st are here to help! In this Marvel’s Avengers game Weekly and Daily Challenges guide, we show you one of the fastest way to get through most of them. Note that any challenges that […]

Marvel’s Avengers “PlayStation Advantage” Touted in New Trailer News 0

News 0 This past week, Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers was the latest game to draw the ire of gamers everywhere as it was announced that Spider-Man will be joining the roster post-launch, but only on PlayStation platforms. Following that it was then revealed that there are more than one Marvel’s Avengers PlayStation advantage planned. In a new […]

Marvel’s Avengers Requires “One-Time Online Access,” Even for Single-Player News 5

News 5 With today’s War Table devstream for Marvel’s Avengers, the studio not only showcased our first look at co-op gameplay, but we even got a look at the game’s main villain, and even a long look at gameplay. Unfortunately, another thing seems to have been revealed today, and it’s not as pleasant as the gameplay we’ve […]

Marvel’s Avengers Game Gear Have 100+ Unique Perks News 0

News 0 It’s been a while since we last heard about anything related to the Marvel’s Avengers game, and while most of the talk regarding it have been about how the characters look, and the different in-game costumes available, people might have forgotten that the actual “gear” in the game aren’t just cosmetics, but actually gameplay affecting […]