Marvel’s Avengers Game Weekly and Daily Challenges Guide – Fastest Way to Farm XP & Rewards

Looking for the fastest way to finish most of your weekly and daily challenges in Marvel’s Avengers?? Well, we here at MP1st are here to help! In this Marvel’s Avengers game Weekly and Daily Challenges guide, we show you one of the fastest way to get through most of them.

Note that any challenges that require any kind of challenges that require you to pick up chests, rescue NPCs, collect resources, or finish mission types cannot be completed using this method. You will need to select missions that are catered to those. I know this seems like a huge bulk of them, but we noticed since the last few days that the game has been live, a majority of our challenges have been centered around using abilities, killing X amount of enemies, and performing x amount of combos. We have managed to sweep up most of our weeklies in just a few short hours, with dailies being finished in the process.

Marvel’s Avengers Game Weekly and Daily Challenges Guide:

So first thing first, if you are playing single-player you’ll want to unlock the HARM simulation room. This is unlocked through natural progression, or if you jump online it should be unlocked from the get go. Although the latter is not recommended if you haven’t completed the single-player campaign as it will warn you of the spoilers, since multiplayer takes place post-game. Once it’s unlocked you should see a mission called HARM Challenge 1. If not you might need to progress further into the game, possibly needing every character unlocked. It is recommended that you do unlock both outposts in the game before proceeding. There are different tiers available, but we found Challenge 1 to be the easiest to get things done.

This mission isn’t at all too difficult, though you can easily exploit it if you aren’t looking to run through the whole thing. Before we enter the mission be sure to grab whatever daily faction challenges you can. there’s only two factions and they are located at each outpost so be sure to talk to the NPC and collect all of them, even if they aren’t going to be completed in this mission it will save you the trip of going back and getting them. If you pay attention, you will notice that both factions will have daily challenges that are exactly the same.

You’ll also want to keep an eye on the daily and weekly hero challenges. There are 24 total, four for each hero, so be sure to change it up after you completed each hero challenge. If there is one that that you cannot get from simply killing standard enemies, you can hit triangle to refresh the challenge once. You may still get one that requires opening chests and other activities, in which case, again you will need to complete those on other missions.

Once you have all the daily challenges you are ready to take on the HARM 1 mission to farm challenges. Upon starting, you will be asked the enter the rally point and once you do enemies will spawn in and quickly rush the center. Here you’ll be able to take out a good chunk of them all at once, and because of the mission automatically starting you with full heroic abilities and ultimate, you can instantly activate those to complete challenges.

Once you clear the first wave you can push the start button to bring up the system menu and reload the checkpoint, This will restart the mission, giving you the ability to farm kills and other challenges extremely fast.

There you have it, the fastest way to farm most of Marvel’s Avengers Game weekly and daily challenges. Once again, it won’t finish all them as there are some challenges that require different requirements outside of just killing things, but it will clear a huge portion of the ones available. Hope this guide has helped and be sure to watch for other guides on the site in the coming days. You can do so by visiting our official Marvel’s Avengers Game Guide Page

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