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Marvel’s Avengers Game Captain America Build – The Infinite Brooklyn Brawler News 0

News 0 If you’ve played through Marvel’s Avengers (or just have a lick of common sense), you probably know Captain America isn’t really dead. While we won’t spoil what happens to Steve Rogers, we’re here to help players with a Marvel’s Avengers game Captain America build called The Infinite Brooklyn Brawler! Gamer TrixRidiculous crafted a Captain America […]

Marvel’s Avengers Game Easy Level Up Guide – Farm for Skill Points Fast News 0

News 0 In Marvel’s Avengers, players will find themselves needing to choose which Avenger to level up first. While most will choose their favorite hero ASAP, the game pushes you to play as every hero, and you’ll want to for variety as well. Given how you’ll need to level up each hero individually to unlock their skills, […]

Complete Marvel’s Avengers Game Captain America Skill Tree Guide News 0

News 0 To no one’s surprise, Captain America is alive in the game and can be played past the initial A-Day event! Want to play as Cap? Curious what he can do in the battlefield? Check out the MP1st complete Marvel’s Avengers game Captain America skill tree guide below. Each character in the game has a “Primary,” […]

Complete Marvel’s Avengers Game Thor Skill Tree Guide News 0

News 0 If you’re excited for Marvel’s Avengers and looking forward to leveling your hero, we have just the thing! Check out our Marvel’s Avengers game Thor skill tree guide to see Odinson’s complete list of abilities, mastery skills and more. Each character in the game has a “Primary,” “Specialty,” and “Mastery” skill tree. The Mastery skill […]

Complete Marvel’s Avengers Game Black Widow Skill Tree Guide News 3

News 3 MP1st continues with our Marvel’s Avengers guides with a look at Black Widow’s skill tree. Same as with the other heroes, this is the complete Marvel’s Avengers game Black Widow skill tree guide that gives a look at each and every one of Natasha’s abilities, skill modifiers and more. Each character in the game has […]

Marvel’s Avengers Game Stats Terminology and Explanation Guide News 2

News 2 With Marvel’s Avengers launching in a few hours for some (or already out for some people depending on where you are), some players might not only be overwhelmed with everything the game throws at you, but even checking your character’s stats can be a bit confusing with how the Marvel’s Avengers game stats terminology is […]

Complete Marvel’s Avengers Game Iron Man Skill Tree Guide News 0

News 0 Continuing with our character skill tree series for Marvel’s Avengers, this time we’re focusong on third character playable in the campaign and it’s none other than Tony Stark or aka as Iron Man! The Marvel’s Avengers game Iron Man skill tree guide below showcases his complete arsenal of armaments which are probably the coolest looking […]

Marvel’s Avengers Game Ms Marvel Skill Tree Complete News 0

News 0 Earlier today, we ran the complete Marvel’s Avengers Hulk skill tree, and of course, we can’t just stop there. This time, it’s Kamala Khan’s (aka Ms. Marvel) turn! Check out the complete Marvel’s Avengers game Ms Marvel skill tree list! Each character in the game has a “Primary,” “Specialty,” and “Mastery” skill tree. The Mastery […]

Marvel’s Avengers Game Hulk Skill Tree Complete News 0

News 0 In just a few short days, Marvel’s Avengers will officially be available to everyone and not just those who bought the Digital Deluxe edition for early access. When that happens, players will be knee deep in stats, skill points, gear score and more! For those starting out, we’re here to help with our Marvel’s Avengers […]

Marvel’s Avengers Game Weekly and Daily Challenges Guide – Fastest Way to Farm XP & Rewards News 0

News 0 Looking for the fastest way to finish most of your weekly and daily challenges in Marvel’s Avengers?? Well, we here at MP1st are here to help! In this Marvel’s Avengers game Weekly and Daily Challenges guide, we show you one of the fastest way to get through most of them. Note that any challenges that […]

Top 6 Marvel’s Avengers Game Tips You Need to Know Before Diving In News 0

News 0 For those who bought the Deluxe Edition of Marvel’s Avengers, you’ve probably started your quest to avenge the heroes on what happened on A-Day. For the rest of you who haven’t started yet, MP1st is here to bring you the top six Marvel’s Avengers game tips that you need to know before starting the game. […]