Marvel’s Avengers Campaign Can Only Be Played Solo, Offline Play Confirmed

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With Marvel’s Avengers focusing on team play and the Avengers are, y’know, a team, one would assume that gamers would be able to play the entire Marvel’s Avengers game campaign with either local or online co-op. If you’re one of the many that assumed that, you’re wrong, sadly.

This was confirmed by IGN during a private gameplay demo at E3 2019. While the entire campaign might not be playable with multiplayer, Crystal Dynamics Lead Combat Designer Vincent Napoli and Lead Creative Director Shaun Escayg explained that, as you progress through the campaign, extra side missions will open up, which is when you’ll be able to play multiplayer.

Additionally, we ran a story yesterday on how offline play for Avenger’s was still unconfirmed, and according to IGN, players can tackle the entire campaign and all the single-player missions offline. Well, that’s good news, right?

What’s weird here for me is, wouldn’t it feel weird to have to play the entire campaign solo? I mean, the Avengers are a team after all, right?

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