Marvel’s Avengers Game Pre-Load Now Live

Marvel's Avengers Update 1.12 October 16

Heads up, Marvel fans! Those who bought the Marvel’s  Avengers digitally, the Marvel’s Avengers game pre-load is now live!

For those who pre-ordered either the Digital Deluxe or PlayStation Digital Xxclusive edition, you can now get a head start on downloading the title in time for this Tuesday’s launch. On the PlayStation 4 side of things, the Marvel’s Avengers preload size is 46.73GB. Now it’s important to note that this is for the vanilla 1.00 version of the title as the day one patch has not yet released. Also the pre-load is not live in every region nor all platforms. North America users should be seeing their pre-loads begin around midnight, eastern time.

If you bought the standard version of the game, the Marvel’s Avengers game pre-load date for you will be September 2.

As for the Marvel’s Avengers day one update, we can expect this to drop most likely sometimes next Tuesday when the servers go live. There are currently no details as to what the day one patch will fix and optimize, but we do know that it is going to be at least 18GB and that it will strip the always online requirement so that players can play offline.

Marvel’s Avengers will be launching on September 1 for early access buyers,  and September 4 for standard owners. Expect to see a Marvel’s Avengers review from us in the coming weeks along with a handful of guides and extensive coverage throughout the year.

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