Marvel’s Avengers Game Stealth Loot Nerf Is Real, Being Looked Into by Devs

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Just a few days ago, Crystal Dynamics rolled out a patch for Marvel’s Avengers that included fixes for some nagging technical issues. Unfortunately, it also included a Marvel’s Avengers game stealth loot nerf that was immediately noticed by the community.

Over on the official subreddit, multiple threads have popped up of players stating that they are getting lower tier loot from specific missions. In this case, people are getting 120 power level items instead of the 130 they’re used to getting.

Whoa whoa whoa…tell me they did not nerf mission drops before fixing anything. from PlayAvengers

Dear Crystal Dynamic, using resources on nerfing our fun while your game is in its current state sends out the wrong signal from PlayAvengers

Even YouTubers have been aware of this, with YouTuber KhrazeGaming posting a video about how this could potentially turn away the community from playing the game.

Bear in mind, there was no mention of any loot-specific changes in this week’s latest patch, which irritated the community more. However, all is not lost just yet. Over on the subreddit, Crystal Dynamics Lead Designer Philippe Therien commented that he’ll look into this issue, which suggests that this could be a bug rather than an intentional unannounced change (though that seems unlikely).

Hopefully, Crystal Dynamics sorts this one out ASAP. I mean, it’s not fun for a looter game to, y’know, take away your valuable loot given that’s a large part of why people continue playing in the first place, right?

Once we know more details about this Marvel’s Avengers game stealth loot nerf, we’ll let our readers know. In the meantime, if you’re not in the endgame yet, go check out this quick farming mission that nets you XP, gear, resources and more!