Marvel’s Avengers Game Fast Farming Guide for XP, Resources, Vault Keys & More

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While we already posted a way to level up fast, and even how to complete your daily missions super quick, those looking at the endgame of Marvel’s Avengers will want not only new gear, but also resources to upgrade said gear, Vault Keys and more. Hopefully, this Marvel’s Avengers game fast farming guide will do the trick!

Important to note that this is only acessible via the Avengers Initiative mode, so it’s highly recommended that you finish the game first before even considering farming for resources and whatnot.

Thanks to Reddit user RustyBreaker, here’s a quick guide on which mission you should repeat in order to fast farm!

Marvel’s Avengers Game Fast Farming Guide – XP, Resources, Power Levels and More:


  • Avengers Initiative reigning supreme quest chain at step 3

Details about the mission:

  • Available at any power level
  • Repeatable and not part of the rotation (always there)
  • Can be finished in less than 10 minutes

No official dev team stated the rewards from higher difficulty tiers, however, in my runs I’ve seen a increase in the quantity of materials acquired from the chests and higher level star rating on the gears regarding the difficulty chosen, therefore I suggest you running challenge IV (which is pretty easy nonetheless, you can equip the gear you get from the mission to level up while you are doing it)

Day of the remains

Marvel's Avengers | Day Of The Remains - Inhuman Alliance Faction Mission  Walkthrough - GameWith

Inhuman alliance faction mission

1) Starting main mission

  • Just by stepping in the first objective you get 25% of your exp bar completed

2) Elite unit (side quest)

  • Upgrade module x1
  • Epic or Legendary (4 or 5 stars)

3) Shield storage (main mission)

Main chest

  • Vault key
  • Random epic or higher
  • Random gear resources
  • Uru x15 (exotic resource)

Other chests (usually 2)

  • 9 units each
  • Uru x1 each (chance)
  • Random epic or higher (4 or 5 stars)
  • Random gear resources
  • Chance at comic or collectible

4) 6 elite units

  • Gear or resources

5) Silver chest (side quest)

  • 50 units or 9 Uru
  • Upgrade module x1
  • Random resources
  • Chance at gear (epic or higher)

6) Kill 3 elite units (main mission)

  • Gear (4 stars or higher)
  • Resources

7) AIM Facility (side quest)

Golden chest

  • Chance at comic or collectible
  • Gear (rare or higher)
  • 75 units
  • Upgrade module x1

Silver chest (character specific door mechanic: black widow or iron man)

  • 45 units
  • Epic or higher gear

8) Resistance Ally (side quest)

  • Faction exp

9) Random bronze chests scattered across the map (usually 10 or more – youtube video in the description with locations detailed)

  • 9 units
  • Uru x1
  • Random chance at collectible and gear

10) Final 2 elite units (main mission ending)

  • Gear (4 stars or higher)
  • Resources

11) Mission completed

  • Lots of exp (almost 4 levels)
  • Rare pattern
  • Epic or higher gear (depending on mission star rating, always pym infused)


Farm this mission and you will get

  • Epic or higher Pym gear upon finish (+5 power level)
  • Vault key (x1)
  • Rare pattern (x1)
  • Epic or higher gear (usually 5 stars)
  • Gear resources
  • Units (lots of)
  • Upgrade modules and Uru
  • Comics and collectibles
  • Level exp (up to 3 levels)
  • Inhuman faction exp

If this mission wasn’t giving enough stuff for you, once you spawn, keep going left until you hear a beep. Once you do, find the interactable object on the ground to open a Shield Vault! This will give you two Vault Keys in one run!

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