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Marvel’s Avengers Game Stealth Loot Nerf Is Real, Being Looked Into by Devs News 0

News 0 Just a few days ago, Crystal Dynamics rolled out a patch for Marvel’s Avengers that included fixes for some nagging technical issues. Unfortunately, it also included a Marvel’s Avengers game stealth loot nerf that was immediately noticed by the community. Over on the official subreddit, multiple threads have popped up of players stating that they […]

Marvel’s Avengers Game Ms Marvel Skill Tree Complete News 1

News 1 Earlier today, we ran the complete Marvel’s Avengers Hulk skill tree, and of course, we can’t just stop there. This time, it’s Kamala Khan’s (aka Ms. Marvel) turn! Check out the complete Marvel’s Avengers game Ms Marvel skill tree list! Each character in the game has a “Primary,” “Specialty,” and “Mastery” skill tree. The Mastery […]

Marvel’s Avengers PS4 HDD Size Requires 90GB Minimum News 5

News 5 Looking forward to Marvel’s Avengers come September 4? If so, we know just how much harddrive space we’ll need — at least on the PS4 version. Thanks to a new video published today that gives us a glimpse at the box where the Marvel’s Avengers PS4 HDD size is mentioned! Note that download sizes are […]