Marvel’s Avengers PS4 HDD Size Requires 90GB Minimum

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Looking forward to Marvel’s Avengers come September 4? If so, we know just how much harddrive space we’ll need — at least on the PS4 version. Thanks to a new video published today that gives us a glimpse at the box where the Marvel’s Avengers PS4 HDD size is mentioned!

Note that download sizes are usually not accurate as to what’s on the label, but rather, the space mentioned there is how much your HDD needs to have free in order to unpack the game and install. Got that? Good.

In the video where the unboxing of the collector’s edition called “Earth’s Mightiest Edition” is featured, the PS4 game case for Marvel’s Avengers is shown where we see the 90GB minimum typed out.

Given this isn’t the actual download size, that’s not bad. We’re super close to Marvel’s Avengers September 4 release! Tune in here on MP1st as not only will we be reviewing it, but we’ll go deep with guides, features and more.

Don’t forget, the beta is still live now and is open to everyone! Speaking of which, go check our beta impressions piece here.

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