Marvel’s Avengers Join in Progress Feature Being Worked on by Crystal Dynamics

Marvel's Avengers Join in Progress

With Marvel’s Avengers heavy on multiplayer co-op gameplay, some might be wondering if we’ll ever get a “join in progress” feature for the live service game anytime soon. Thankfully, developer Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that this Marvel’s Avengers join in progress feature is being worked on currently.

Over on the game’s official Discord channel, Systems Designer Brain Waggoner confirmed this when answering a gamer’s concern:



This is definitely good news, right? Hopefully, we have an ETA on this given that joining a mission in-progress should have been something we had available right from the game’s launch. In other Marvel’s Avengers news, Crystal Dynamics has issued a statement today confirming that paid boosters in the game are being removed today! Read the studio’s statement to see where they stand on the matter.

Hopefully, we’ll get a Marvel’s Avengers dev stream later this week, as it’s been quite some time since we last got one.

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