Marvel’s Avengers Next Roadmap Reveal Planned in “Early 2022,” New Update Hitting This Coming Week

With Crystal Dynamics delivering the first-ever raid to Marvel’s Avengers recently, players might be wondering whether this was it for the game and for future content. Thankfully, we can confirm it’s not, as Crystal Dynamics confirmed that we’ll see the Marvel’s Avengers next roadmap in “early 2022.”

No specific date or month was given, though I suspect “early 2022” means either or January or February. In addition to that, players can expect a new patch to hit this coming week, and this will tackle issues brought about by the Holiday Content patch. Here’s the official word from the studio regarding the roadmap, and the upcoming patch:

  • After a lot of hard work to give you our first Raid, Discordant Sound, and Spider-Man for PlayStation players, the Crystal Dynamics team is preparing for the holiday break! We will still be tackling bugs and issues while we also prepare for next year for the remainder of the month. Keep an eye out in early 2022 for the next roadmap!

  • There was an issue in our Holiday Content patch 2.2.0 (which launched on November 30th) that affected some players who had massive amounts of stored Fragments and Units. We immediately fixed the issue and it stopped occurring soon after our initial discovery. However a number of players lost many hard-earned resources. We plan to reimburse those players as soon as our next patch, slated for release next week. We’ll have more information about our plan and what you can expect soon.

Also planned to roll out before the year is over, Marvel’s Avengers players will get to relive some of the earlier in-game events rolled out!

The Red Room Takeover has returned! From 12/9 – 12/23, get in there and dance around the techno lava once more to earn two team Nameplates and Surging Gear.

  • Hawkeye? Hawkeye. From 12/2 to 12/16, complete the following to earn a special Hawkeye Nameplate!
  • Complete Taking AIM (Kate Bishop Campaign)
  • Complete Future Imperfect (Hawkeye Campaign)
  • Level Kate Bishop to Level 50
  • Level Hawkeye to Level 50
  • Complete one Warzone with Kate and Hawkeye in the Strike Team
  • Pet Lucky on the Hellicarrier

Once we know more about the next patch, we’ll let our readers know. Hopefully it’s soon and it includes the fix for the campaign crashing bug that’s been spotted recently.

Source: Avengers Square Enix

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