Report: New Marvel’s Avengers Bug Crashes Game After Beating Campaign

New Marvel's Avengers Bug

Following the Marvel’s Avengers Klaw Raid patch, Crystal Dynamics has released more patches to sort out issues that has surfaced from the big Holiday content drop. While a lot of bugs were squashed already, there are some left that are just downright game-breaking. Case in point: there’s a new Marvel’s Avengers bug that crashes game for those who beat the campaign!

Reports have surfaced regarding this campaign bug over on Twitter and on Reddit. Here’s one that reiterates what others have said:

CarrotScraps even tagged Crystal Dynamics dev Bryan Waggoner about it:

Reports have surfaced on Discord as well:

Even YouTubers have made videos about it now, too:

This is a fairly new bug, so chances are, we’ll be getting a patch to fix this  and I hope it’s soon since it’s a pretty big bug that needs to be flattened out ASAP. Once we know more about it, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

Thanks, Past19!

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