Marvel’s Avengers Upcoming Hero Perk Changes Outlined for Each Hero

Marvel's Avengers Upcoming Hero Perk Changes

In case you didn’t know, Crystal Dynamics isn’t only delivering a new raid and hero (for PS4, PS5 gamers) in Marvel’s Avengers this November 30, but there’s a significant overhaul of some of the game’s core systems too. For those wondering what the Marvel’s Avengers upcoming hero perk changes are, we got you covered!

Discussed by Game Designer Alex Kende in a recent devstream, check out the hero perk changes coming to each hero in Marvel’s Avengers at the end of the month!

Marvel’s Avengers Upcoming Hero Perk Changes:

Ms. Marvel

  • Stormranger’s Regalia and Stormranger’s Adornments
    • Replaced Jarvis with Embiggen Impulse, increasing stun damage while Embiggen’d
  • Marvelous Regalia
    • Replaced generic regen perk with Valorous Spirit, increasing Allies crit damage when affected by Team Spirit.
  • Stormranger’s Coat of ArmsStormranger’s Crest and Marvelous Body Armor
    • Replaced generic regen perk with Support Empowerment, giving a moderate chance to gain an intrinsic burst when activating Team Spirit.
  • Stormranger’s Body Armor gets further updates, with both other perks being replaced with Embiggen Blessing (increasing crit chance while Embiggened) and Polymorph Reserve, increasing Ms. Marvel’s max intrinsic energy.
  • Marvelous Nega Bands and Marvelous Clasps
    • Replaced Jarvis with Polymorphic Superiority, increasing damage from Morning Star and Palm Strike attacks.

Captain America

  • Helm of the Super Soldier and Safeguard of the Super Soldier
    • Replaced generic regen perk for Brooklyn Brawler Quake, increasing stun damage while BB is active.
    • Replaced Rally cry extender (moving to another set) with Brooklyn Brawler Breaker, increasing BB damage.
  • Rampart of the Nomad
    • Replaced 3rd perk with Eagle’s Cry, increasing Rally Cry duration.
  • Stabilizer of the Super Soldier and Conduit of the Super Soldier
    • Replaced Defender’s Charge and Captain’s Combo (both of these are ok perks, but are better suited for other sets) with Powered Precision, which increases Powered ranged crit chance. Conduit of the Super Soldier now gets Rally Cry Boon, increasing crit chance of all heroes affected by Rally Cry.
  • The Exotic Stabilizer of the Super Soldier will retain Captain’s Combo and we will be looking forward to a new name in the future.


  • Superior Mark XV Bastion
    • Replaced Jarvis and health regen while overcharged with Skyguard Reprieve, which grants intrinsic energy on picking up health packs, and Restoration Beam, which makes enemies defeated with your Unibeam (not omega beam) drop health packs.
  • Centurion’s Mark XV Doom Fists and Centurion’s Mark XIII Muon Gloves
    • Replaced weapon rate of fire increase perk (that was not working 100%; we will fix this in the future for another set) with Skyguard Dynamo, which grants bonus intrinsic energy when picking up Heroic orbs.
  • Centurion’s Mark XV R.T. Node and Centurion’s Mark XIII Muon Ray
    • Replaced missile rate of fire increase (which frustratingly didn’t stack with other perks. This will be fixed in the future. It also is still on Superior Mark XIII Muon Ray.) with Overcharge Breaker, increasing further all damage while overcharged.


  • Armor of Asgard’s Scion
    • Replaced Jarvis and Evade distance increase with Odinforce Recovery, increasing health regen drastically while Odinforce is active, and Warrior’s Fury’s Impulse, increasing all stun damage while Warrior’s Fury is active.
  • Cincture of Asgard’s Scion
    • Replaced Jarvis with Aesir’s Blitz, increasing Unarmed damage by 30%.
  • Girdle of the Thunderer
    • Replaced Odinforce regen perk that wasn’t activating on all attacks with Odin’s Flight, which increases Odinforce regeneration while flying.
  • Hilt of Asgard’s Scion
    • Replaced Odin’s Flight (which got moved) with Eitri’s Breaker, which increases Hammer damage when used for Melee.

Black Widow

  • Natalia’s Cloak and Natalia’s Embrace
    • Replaced Jarvis with Stealth Amplifier, increasing status buildup while invisible.
  • Red Room Uniform and Red Room Corset
    • Replaced evade extension and Dazed Immunity for Stealth Recovery, which drastically increases health regen while invisible, and Leeching Strike, which heals a small portion of max health on attack.
  • Natasha’s Coil and Natasha’s Ribbon
    • Both replace generic Heroic regen for Leeching Strike. Natasha’s Coil replaces the third regen perk for Arsenal Blessing, increasing weapon critical chance.
  • Red Room Grasps
    • Replaced Jarvis with Infiltrator’s Vengeance that gives a blanket chance on defeating any enemy to drop an intrinsic orb.

In addition to perks, gear and resources will be reworked too, which you can read about here.

Once the Spider-Man and Klaw Raid update is out on November 30, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

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