Marvel’s Avengers Weekly War Table Announced, Weekly Missions Reset Revealed

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Crystal Dynamics has announced the Marvel’s Avengers weekly War Table blog, and it lists down the weekly missions reset (not including those that haven’t been released yet), and along with other announcements and a previous recap of news.

Check out the Marvel’s Avengers weekly missions reset:



Priority Missions have modifiers that will challenge even the toughest Super Hero. Your first weekly completion of these missions earns you unique gear you won’t find anywhere else.

Global Presence (Low Power Level)


  • Blizzard: Ice hazards are added to the environment. Cryo damage from enemies and the environment are increased.
  • Capacitor: Shock damage from players is increased.
  • Famine: Enemies do not drop Regen Packs when defeated.

Guaranteed Reward: Polychoron, Hero-Specific Gear

Rocket’s Red Glare (High Power Level) 


  • Famine: Enemies do not drop Regen Packs when defeated.
  • Pressure: No automatic recovery of Willpower when critically injured.
  • Clash: Melee damage from any source is greatly increased.
  • Capacitor: Shock damage from players is increased.

Guaranteed Reward: Epic Gear


Priority HARM Challenges have additional modifiers and reward comics that increase your collection and boost your stats.

Weekly First Completion Reward: 1962’s Incredible Hulk #105 (0.5% Status Resistance rate)

Low Power Level Challenge


  • Helix: Gamma damage from players is increased.
  • Maelstrom: All heroics charge at a significantly increased rate. Entering critical health drains all Heroic energy.

High Power Level Challenge


  • Famine: Enemies do not drop Regen Packs when defeated.
  • Clash: Melee damage from any source is greatly increased.
  • Helix: Gamma damage from players is increased.

The studio even gave some modifier tips!


Modifiers are game changers! Check out some pro-tips from our team that will help you prepare for this week’s challenges!

  • Blizzard: Equip any gear that provides Cryo resistance and pay careful attention to Cryo hazards in the environment whenever Blizzard is the modifier in play. Cryo enemies are also especially lethal so make sure to prioritize taking them out first to ensure you won’t be frozen mid fight.
  • Famine: Focusing on Takedowns and careful usage of the regenerative nanite containers are key to survivability when Famine is active.
  • Pressure: Recovering Willpower by any means necessary is key when Pressure is active. Utilize Takedowns, regenerative nanite containers, and skills that boost the chance of enemies dropping Regen Packs to ensure that sustaining critical injuries isn’t always a recipe for a quick defeat.
  • Clash: When Clash is active make sure to player a Hero who has strong melee abilities and equip gear high in the Might attribute. Don’t forget, enemies also inflict greater melee damage so watch out for combatants who try to get in close!
  • Capacitor: Thor’s already impressive pedigree is exacerbated when Capacitor turns up the lethality of his lightning-infused attacks. Make use of his intrinsic Odinforce ability to lay waste to foes in a manner worthy of his heritage. If Thor isn’t your Hero of choice, make sure to equip gear with Shock perks or use other Heroes—like Black Widow—who also have Shock-inducing attacks in their arsenal.
  • Helix: When Helix is active Hulk becomes a force to be reckoned with. Leverage his intrinsic Rage ability and any of his gamma-infused attacks to dominate the battlefield. Don’t like playing Hulk? Make sure to equip gear that inflicts Gamma damage and has high Intensity to help trigger the Gamma status effect.
  • Maelstrom: Keeping Willpower high and utilizing Heroics soon after they’re ready is key to maximizing the benefits of the Maelstrom modifier. Focusing on gear that boosts the Resolve or Valor stats are also effective strategies.

As for the weekly marketplace reset, we have you covered! Check it out here.

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Source: Avengers Square Enix