Marvel’s Avengers Game Weekly Marketplace Reset Today September 10

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In case you didn’t know, Marvel’s Avengers will have a rotating list of available cosmetics in the in-game items shop that refreshes every week. MP1st is here to bring players the Marvel’s Avengers game weekly Marketplace reset today September 10.

Marvel’s Avengers Game Weekly Marketplace Reset Today September 10:

Legendary Outfit (1400 cost)

  • Black Widow – Dawnbreaker

Epic Outfit (900 Cost)

  • Iron Man – Chroma Lux
  • Thor – Essence

Rare Outfit

  • Thor – High Guard

Epic Takedown (1200 Cost)

  • Captain America – Falling With Style

Legendary Emote (1000 Cost)

  • Hulk – Tea Time

Epic Emote (500)

  • Hulk – Spectacles

Nameplates (100 Cost)

  • Cap. 011
  • Iron Man 018
  • Black Widow 011
  • Ms Marvel 062


In other Marvel’s Avengers news, a new patch has been released yesterday and it includes a host of fixes that you should check out. We’ve also posted quite a number of guides, and we’re not done yet! Head on over here for our Marvel’s Avengers guide hub.

Our review of the game is hitting the site soon, as we just want to make sure we’re hitting all the bases and doing enough multiplayer missions to do our review justice.

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