Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Will Feature Ray-Tracing in All Graphical and Performance Modes

marvel's spider-man 2 ray tracing

It looks like Insomniac Games is putting out all the stops for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 when it comes to the game’s visuals. With previews for the game now swinging its way out today, it’s been confirmed that all of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s graphical, performance modes will feature ray-tracing!

This was confirmed by Insomnic Games Marketing Director James Stevenson over on Twitter today where he cited 30fps, 40fps, and 60fps (the frame-rate of the different modes) are all running with ray-tracing enabled.

While this might not be huge news for PC gamers, for consoles, this is unheard of (ray tracing on all modes). This is definitely good news for PS5 owners wondering how the game will perform on the console. Let’s hope that other games manage to pull this technical feat of as well.

For more no Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, go watch the latest gameplay video from the recent State of Play show right here, where more gameplay info was revealed too.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 releases on October 20, 2023, exclusively on the PS5.

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