Mass Effect 3 “Earth” Multiplayer DLC Officially Detailed

“The fighting is fiercest when it’s your home at stake,” reads the official description of the upcoming Mass Effect 3 multiplayer DLC titled ‘Earth’ releasing this Tuesday, July 17th on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC (July 18th for PS3 users in the UK).

Other than the recently discovered leaked info, no further details were given after its announcement until now. The official BioWare Blog has outed some pretty new screenshots and a short Q&A to help inform players what exactly they’ll be getting in the upcoming free DLC.

First, let’s take a look at some of the maps, weapons and classes that have been officially confirmed to be included in ‘Earth’, on top of the new in-game mods and gear.

3 New Maps (available immediately upon downloading):

  • Firebase Rio
  • Firebase Vancouver
  • Firebase London

3 New Weapons (available as rewards inside existing Reinforcement Packs):

  • Typhoon light machine gun
  • Prianha assault shotgun
  • Acolyte pistol

6 New N7 Classes (available as rewards inside existing Reinforcement Packs):

  • Destroyer Soldier
  • Paladin Sentinel
  • Demolisher Engineer
  • Slayer Vanguard
  • Shadow Infiltrator
  • Fury Adept

You can read up on all the descriptions and power sets of each class, as well as view some screens of each new class and weapon in yesterday’s article.

Also, check out some of the brand new screens below and don’t forget about the upcoming ME3 N7 Bounty Weekend!

Are you excited to take the fight to Earth?

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