Mass Effect N7 Day 2021: What BioWare Announced, New Image and More Player Stats Revealed

Mass Effect N7 Day 2021

It’s November 7, and in case you didn’t know, that’s also N7 Day for Mass Effect! While “N7” doesn’t mean November 7 in Mass Effect’s universe (it’s a code for the Alliance military, with N designating special forces, and 7 marked as the highest level in proficiency), BioWare has embraced the date every year. For Mass Effect N7 Day 2021, the studio announced a contest, and other nifty stuff that fans will enjoy.

For those wondering, there is no new info regarding the upcoming Mass Effect game, though there is info on what the franchise means to the developers.

Mass Effect N7 Day 2021:


On N7 Day, we celebrate all things Mass Effect — and most importantly, we celebrate you, the fans. This universe wouldn’t be much without you to explore it. You’ve shared with us your love for the series through art, fan fiction, cosplay, and countless other gestures of appreciation that make us feel so grateful, in turn, to have you as fans. So as a token of thanks, we’ll be sharing some of your creations and your celebrations today and in the coming days.

On top of that, we’ve got some other fun stuff lined up for you today. Like…

  • Steam Stickers! If you’re a Steam user, you may have already noticed the brand-new Mass Effect emoticons available in the Steam store.
  • Sales! You’ll also find Mass Effect Legendary Edition on sale for a special N7 Day price on SteamOrigin, and the Microsoft Store — but only for a limited time, so get on it.*
  • Cosplay! Not only do we have brand-new cosplay guides to help you craft the perfect costume, we also enlisted renowned creator Soylent Cosplay to develop a how-to video to walk you step-by-step through one of her legendary Mass Effect costumes.
  • Contest! Share your best Mass Effect art and get a chance to score sweet loot. Just post on Twitter using the hashtag #BioWareGiveaway for your chance to win.
  • Gear! It wouldn’t be N7 Day without some swanky new accessories. Hit up our own Gear Store for replicas, prints, and apparel; the Dark Horse store for amazing prints; Graph MKT for slick street wear; PowerA for custom controllers, NZXT for the perfect N7 PC case accessory, and Idea Planet for your very own Citadel.
  • More Social Stuff! Want to share your love for Mass Effect with the world? Try out our new Squadmate AR lens on Facebook and Instagram.
    • To find the lens:
      • Visit the @masseffect profile
      • Tap the ‘Effects” icon (the three stars), and open the lens
      • Make sure to use the hashtags #n7day, #N7DayCelebration, #MassEffect, and/or #N7DayArt wherever you post so we can see your contributions


In addition to the events, stickers and other stuff, BioWare has also dived deeper into the Mass Effect Legendary Edition player stats! While the most popular player choices have been revealed earlier this year, the studio gave an even more in-depth look! We’ve chopped up the infographic into bite-sized images in the gallery for an easier read.

Finally, over on Twitter, the studio revealed a new image for Mass Effect! Well, it’s more of a new concept art or something, but we’ll take what we can get!

BioWare ended the blog post by re-affirming that the studio is hard at work on the next entry in the Mass Effect universe, though there’s no new info to share. If you want to read the notes from the devs, head on over to the BioWare blog.

If you still haven’t trekked through the universe yet, go check out our Mass Effect Legendary Edition review! It’s one heck of a ride, and you’ll get caught up with Commander Shepard’s tale by the end.

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