Meta Quest Pro Releases October 25 at MSRP $1500

meta quest pro

The long-awaited Meta Quest Pro virtual reality (VR) headset has finally been revealed at Meta Connect. The powerful headset possesses 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, and launches on October 25 at a staggering MSRP $1500.

Mark Zuckerberg recently spoke about the headset (then codenamed “Project Cambria), revealing its focus on “social presence” and non-verbal communication through tracking eye and face animation.

The Meta Quest Pro is designed around modern business environments and professional collaboration rather than gaming. That focus on workplace connection and creativity is further reinforced by Meta’s upcoming Magic Room service, which will simulate a virtual working space for teams using both virtual and hybrid reality technologies.

It’s interesting to note that the announcement comes after the Meta Quest 2 recently received a $100 price increase across all configurations.

The market points to VR being a struggling investment at best. Meta reported a $10 billion loss on its VR operations in 2021. Perhaps the $1500 price tag on the new Quest Pro is meant to mitigate losses while entering a different market sector, but only time will tell if Meta’s predictions are correct.

Pre-orders for the Meta Quest Pro are open now at the Meta website, along with the headset’s full spec sheet.

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