Metal Gear Solid 2 Third-Person Camera Mod Similar to MGS3 Subsistence in the Works

If you ever wanted to play Metal Gear Solid 2 with a third-person controllable camera (still locked to your character though), you might just be getting your wish soon, as a modder is making a Metal Gear Soldi 2 third-person camera mod similar to how the camera from Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence acted.

Being worked on by “former console hacker” Boris Larin, check out the video below of the Metal Gear Solid 2 third-person camera mod in action:

Larin also explains that a normal third-person camera was never present in the game, and this is something he had to reverse engineer:

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was released way back in 2001 for the PS2, and was considered (at the time) one of the biggest, and most impressive-looking games of all-time. I definitely remember picking this bad boy up and getting hyped at the intro sequence. Heck, it was so big that back then at E3, it even had “showings” of its trailer for floor attendees! 

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