Microsoft Has Filed a Trademark for Halo: The Endless

halo the endless

Halo Infinite is not even a full day out and yet we now have rumblings of a possible entry to the long-running franchise. As spotted over on a trademarks site, it appears that something called ‘Halo: The Endless’ has been filed by Microsoft, leading to speculation on what this name could possibly be with regards to Halo as a whole.

The trademark filing was spotted by Aggiornamenti Lumia, a well-known Halo and Microsoft dataminer. The trademark, called ‘Halo: The Endless,’ was filed back in December 3, and was classified under the downloadable game software, computer game software, etc. for its Goods and Services category.

Besides the enigmatic name, not much else is known on ‘Halo: The Endless.’ Twitter users on Aggiornamenti Lumia‘s post speculated on the name, with some stating that it could point to a possible DLC involving The Flood.

As is the case with everything unconfirmed, take everything mentioned here with a grain of salt until officially confirmed. Stay tuned here at MP1st for possible developments on ‘Halo: The Endless’ in the future.

Source: Justia Trademarks

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