Microsoft Phasing Out P2P Voice Chat for Parties to Combat XBL DDoS, Will Be More Secure on Backend


With more and more players taking online games seriously, some take them a little too seriously, or just want to crap on people’s fun by messing with their connections by DDoS-ing (distributed denial of service) other games and whatnot. It looks like Microsoft is hiking up security on their end, as P2P (peer-to-peer) voice chat is being phased out on Xbox and it’s to combat (Xbox Live) XBL DDoS attacks.

This was confirmed by Xbox Engineer Bill Ridmann by commenting on a Reddit user’s post on warning people to not just accept Rainbow Six Siege random party invites now that it’s on Xbox Game Pass.

For those worried that this will affect the user experience, Ridmann confirmed that it won’t, as it’ll work the same on the user end, but be more secure on the back end.

Ridmann clarified what this means for Xbox parties as well.

As for game-specific networking, it’ll be up to the devs whether they want to go the Microsoft route, and whether it’ll be worth the cost for them.

This is definitely good news for gamers playing on Xbox platforms. While we won’t be able to stop people from messing with other people’s fun, this should help alleviate it significantly.

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