Xbox Series S Loading Can Be Faster Than Series X Due to Lower-Res Graphics

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With the Xbox Series S set out to tbe the budget-friendly version of the Xbox Series X, it’s understandable that the Series X is more powerful in terms of raw power than the Series S, though it seems there is one advantage the Series S has over the Series X and that’s with loading times.

In an interview, Xbox boss Phil Spencer made this revelation when he mentioned that some games load faster on his Xbox Series S than his Series X because the console is loading lower-res graphics! There’s no word on which titles this applies to, or whether this will be the case for every Series S game. That said, at least there’s one thing the less powerful console has over its big brother.

In the same interview, Spencer mentioned that the blockbuster Microsoft-Bethesda deal wasn’t made to take game away from gamers.

The Xbox Series X|S are both set for release this November 10.