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Xbox Series X|S Launch Was the Biggest in Xbox History News 0

News 0 Microsoft hits it big as they reveal that the launch of both the Xbox Series X and Series S are the biggest launches in their console history. As revealed in a blog post on the official Xbox Wire website, the Xbox team confirms that both Series consoles have outperformed any previous Xbox console launch in […]

Xbox Series X Walkthrough Showcases UI, Remote Play and More News 2

News 2 Just two weeks ago, Sony showed off the PS5 UI (user interface) in a surprise State of Play video. Not to be outdone, Microsoft has today released a comprehensive Xbox Series X walkthrough where we see the UI, dashboard, remote play and more showcased! And before anyone asks, yes, the Xbox Series X has the […]

Xbox Series S Loading Can Be Faster Than Series X Due to Lower-Res Graphics News 1

News 1 With the Xbox Series S set out to tbe the budget-friendly version of the Xbox Series X, it’s understandable that the Series X is more powerful in terms of raw power than the Series S, though it seems there is one advantage the Series S has over the Series X and that’s with loading times. […]

Xbox One Games Optimized for Xbox Series X on Launch Day Revealed News 0

News 0 Xbox One Games optimized for Xbox Series X on launch day have been revealed, as Microsoft has listed down 30 titles that will be ready to play and take full advantage of the system’s capabilities. Microsoft has listed 30 games that will be optimized on day one, with 20 of them taking advantage of the […]

Xbox Series X Load Times Show Impressive Speed for Backwards Compatible Games News 1

News 1 Here’s a closer look at some of the impressive Xbox Series X load times for titles that were built for the Xbox One, and gamers should be very pleased at how current-gen games are benefitting a lot with the new tech! Head on below for the list of games tested so far (via YouTuber Austin […]

Roughly 200GB Will Be Reserved for the Xbox Series X OS and System Files News 6

News 6 As with all devices with a dedicated operating system, the Xbox Series X OS will be taking quite a bit of space on the internal 1TB SSD. To be exact, the Xbox Series OS (and other system related files and operations) will be taking up 198GB of the internal 1TB SSD that ships with the […]

Japan Sees a Price Drop on Xbox Series S Ahead of Pre-Orders News 0

News 0 A rather nice surprise for residents of Japan as Microsoft has made some last minute changes, resulting in a minor Xbox Series S price drop. With pre-orders officially beginning tomorrow in Japan, this news of of a Xbox Series S price drop comes directly from Famitsu, confirming that the system will now be 3000 yen […]

Xbox Series 1TB Expansion Card Price Revealed and They’re Not Cheap News 0

News 0 Soon to be Xbox Series owners looking to expand their storage space may be in a shock as the Xbox Series 1TB expansion card price has finally been revealed. Now available for pre-order at Best Buy, the Xbox Series 1TB expansion card will run a hefty price of $219.99 (£159). When stacked on the price […]

New Xbox Series X & S Specs Revealed: Wi-FI, Weight, and What’s Included in the Box News 25

News 25 While we already know the Xbox Series X and S price and release date, Microsoft has today updated the official pages for both next-gen consoles (Series X, Series S)! With the update, we now have lot more details revealed such as the dimensions, weight and more. Below, you’ll see each console’s weight, dimension, official specs, […]

Watch Gears 5 Multiplayer Running at 120fps on the Xbox Series S Now News 1

News 1 In just a few short months, next-gen gaming goodness will be upon us! For those multiplayer fans who dream of better resolution, refresh rates or frames-per-second (fps), we’ll be getting that and then some. Have you ever wanted to see Gears 5 next-gen multiplayer? What if I told you it’s at 120fps? Well, we have […]

Xbox Series X Size Comparisons, Box Art Makes Its Way Out News 0

News 0 With Microsoft now fully announcing the Xbox Series X (and Series S) price and release date, the company is continuing its marketing blitz by now giving us Xbox Series X size comparisons with other consoles. Multiple sites like IGN, GameSpot and more, have gotten mock up units (no actual hardware components inside) of the Xbox […]

Xbox Series S Release Date Set for Nov. 10, New Trailer Spotlights Features News 1

News 1 Following the official price announcement of the Xbox Series S, Microsoft has announced the Xbox Series S release date and it’s set for November 10! Not only that, but we even get a spiffy new trailer that showcases some of its new features too! Introducing Xbox Series S. Next-gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever. […]

Xbox Series S Price Announced and It’s Cheap News 2

News 2 While the next-gen consoles the PS5 and Xbox Series X still haven’t been given an official price or release date yet, Microsoft has officially confirmed the existence of the smaller, less powerful Xbox Series S! Not only that, but the company even announced the Xbox Series S price and it’s at just $299! This was […]

Report: Xbox Series X Controller Packaging Leaks, Mentions Xbox Series S News 1

News 1 Leaked images of the Xbox Series X package have surfaced, potentially confirming the long rumored Xbox Series S. Twitter user RAKEN posted today a series of images of what is clearly the Xbox Series controller packaging. On it, there are details of what’s included in the box along with the supported devices. ⚡️تسريب كرتون يد […]