MK11 Update 1.27 December 10 Busts Out

MK11 Update 1.29

NetherRealm Studios has sprung a surprise Mortal Kombat 11 (MK11) update today and it’s live now! Players will see this as the MK11 update 1.27 December 19 patch, and it clocks in at a hefty 3.3GB on PS4.

MK11 Update 1.27 December 10 Patch Notes:

Unfortunately, NetherRealm Studios has not released the official list of changes for today’s patch. Given the studio’s history, we should be getting it later today or even tomorrow. Once we know more, we’ll update the post and we’re keeping tabs on the community too.

This could very well be a fix for glitches associated with the Kombat Pack 2, such as Mileena’s Amplify Ball missing when it’s near the corner and more. If you spot any gameplay-related changes or technical fixes, let us know what you notice down in the comments below.

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Charlotte A. Cavatica
Charlotte A. Cavatica
2 years ago

This might present as an opportunity to see Kombat Pack 3

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