Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Leaks Out, Features Vehicle Jumping and More

modern warfare 2 gameplay leak

As what has almost become a tradition at this point (though one I’m sure Activision isn’t a fan of), leaked gameplay for this year’s Call of Duty game — Modern Warfare 2 — has leaked online! The Modern Warfare 2 gameplay leak features short snippets of gameplay, though one that shows off a new gameplay mechanic.

Twitter user Cod Leaks has seemingly gotten their mitts on some leaked Modern Warfare 2 gameplay from what we presume is from the single-player campaign. The tweets featuring the gameplay has since been taken down, but thankfully, someone from Reddit compiled all the leaked footage and made it into one video on streamable,

Back up by someone on TikTok:


#ModernWarfareII Campaign game play leak #warzone2 #warzone

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The short gameplay clip features shooting (which is to be expected), but also a new mechanic coming to the franchise, which is hijacking a vehicle, jumping from car to car, vehicle damage and more! Chances are, these are also gameplay mechanics we’ll see in Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer, as well as the upcoming Warzone 2.

We’re not sure how long these clips will be online, as Activision will surely have their legal hounds take it down, so watch it while you can.

Don’t forget, the Call of Duty Next event is set to happen this September 15, and it will feature Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, as well as the future of Warzone (Warzone 2 and Warzone mobile).

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