Modern Warfare 2 Ghost Perk Still Shows Players in UAV If They Fire Their Guns Even With Suppressors Equipped

modern warfare 2 ghost perk

For those who have equipped the Ghost perk in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, if you felt like enemies can still hunt you down when there’s a UAV up (even if it should hide you from it), it’s because they can, and you still show up on the mini map when a UAV is up regardless if you’re firing a suppressed weapon or not.

This was confirmed by multiple people on the game’s subreddit, along with more extensive testing made by Xclusive Ace. 

Ghost Currently Does Not Hide You If You Shoot. from ModernWarfareII

Given how the Ghost perk in Modern Warfare 2 is considered an “ultimate” perk that unlocks last, this means that not only are you screwed when someone from the enemy team obtains a UAV streak early since you’ll need to unlock this perk first before you can use it (yes, we know getting kills, going after objectives will make earning it faster), but even if you do get it, firing your weapon means you’re giving away your position. At this point, how much value does Ghost even have?

Some gamers on the MWII subreddit are wondering whether this was intentional or not by Infinity Ward given how COD: Vanguard had this issue at launch, before Sledgehammer confirmed it was a bug and fixed it. Given how Infinity Ward hasn’t commented on it, we don’t know if this will be changed in a future update or left as is.

If this is indeed a bug, this is lumped in with the Riot Shield invincibility glitch that needs fixing ASAP. Don’t forget to check out our review of the campaign right here. Stay tuned to our multiplayer review hitting the site soon.

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