Modern Warfare 3: 5000-Day Bans Explained by Infinity Ward

Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward has recently shed some light on the banning process employed by the security team behind Modern Warfare 3.

As you may remember, one particular Modern Warfare 3 player was made an example of when he received a 5000-day ban from the security team behind MW3. As Bowling mentioned earlier, this is Infinity Ward’s equivalent to a permanent ban. What exactly his offense consisted of, we are still unsure. However, Bowling shed some light when mentioning, “typically, perma bans are reserved for extreme cases or repeat offenses.” He went on to explain what users could expect for more minor offenses: “first offense boosting is a temp ban (2-days) and reset.” Many of these are bound to be handed out in the next couple of days as a recent “prestige token glitch” has been discovered by some Modern Warfare 3 players. Read here for more information. In this case, Bowling mentioned that currently, “the security team is doing temp bans, removing all tokens, and stat resets for boosting.”

If you like playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and want to continue enjoying it (as much as you can with the rising number of boosters), we suggest staying away from such practices. However, one good practice is to follow MP1st on Twitter and Facebook, where we can keep you updated on all things Modern Warfare 3!

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