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Modern Warfare 3: 5000-Day Bans Explained by Infinity Ward News 17

News 17 Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward has recently shed some light on the banning process employed by the security team behind Modern Warfare 3. As you may remember, one particular Modern Warfare 3 player was made an example of when he received a 5000-day ban from the security team behind MW3. As Bowling mentioned earlier, this […]

Player Banned for 5000 Days from Modern Warfare 3 News 179

News 179 Update 2: Bowling explains further: Modern Warfare 3: 5000-Day Bans Explained by Infinity Ward Update 1: Robert Bowling explained that a 5000 day ban is effectively a permaban. Story: When the team behind Modern Warfare 3 talked up the new banning system, they meant business. One player, who shall remain anonymous, has been banned for 5000 days. […]


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