Modern Warfare 3 June Xbox 360 Elite DLC and Patch 1.16 Now Live

Update: Activision’s suggested the following fixes for;

Arctic Recon Spec Ops Mission not loading issue:

  1. Launch MW3 Special Ops running off HDD
  2. Select Find Match and “The struggle continues with all new maps”
  3. Back out of the lobby and you’ll gain the ability to load any new maps

MW3 Out of Memory Error:

For users playing physical copies of MW3, please use the below steps.  For users who are playing digital copies of MW3 from Games on Demand, we’ll be updating with a solution shortly.  Thanks for your patience.

  1. Launch Multiplayer
  2. Load a previously released map in private match
  3. Play the new content

The latest Call of Duty Elite drops for Modern Warfare 3 and patch 1.16 are now available to download on Xbox 360.

Title update #16 will set you back 9 MB in memory, and is mandatory for all players to download. As for today’s drops, three Face Off maps and one Spec Ops mission have been released. Intersection , Arctic Recon, and U-Turn/Vortex weigh in at 147.09 MB, 193.89 MB, and 74.86 MB respectively.

A new DLC portal has been added to the store section in the mutliplayer menu. For those who are having problems downloading the new DLC, follow this guide, as we have, to fix the issue. Be sure to back out and repeat the steps in order to reconfirm all past drops up to today’s.

Also, Infinity Ward has reverted the Collection 2 playlists back to Elite playlists, which feature only DLC multiplayer maps and all Face Off maps including the latest three.

You can find screenshots, artwork, and synopses of the aforementioned drops through here and patch notes for title update #16 here.

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