Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Patch 1.16 and Collection 2 Now Live

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Infinity Ward has released a new patch, supposedly patch 1.16, for the PS3’s version of Modern Warfare 3 along with the latest DLC offering, Collection 2.

Modern Warfare 3 players on PlayStation 3 are now able to purchase Collection 2 from the PSN store for $14.99. The pre-order deal, which net users a free theme, is now over. Collection 2, packs in the following maps and spec ops missions:

  • Multiplayer maps: Foundation, Sanctuary, and Oasis.
  • Spec Ops missions: Iron Clad and Kill Switch
  • Face Off maps: Getaway and Lookout

Also, a new mandatory title update, patch 1.16, have gone live for all users to download. The update will set you back 29 MB in memory, and seem to have caused problems for premium Elite users, which we are investigating further.

The patch notes haven’t been made public at the time of writing, however Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin did mention that yesterday a update included “some changes to matchmaking [yesterday] on PS3 that might improve things a little.” We’re not sure if he was referring to a hot fix or today’s patch. As always, if and when the official patch notes are released, we will report on them.

Update 1: Rubin had this to say on the ongoing problems, it “seems Sony hadn’t propped the patch everywhere and so people were playing on different versions. Working to resolve.”

You can read our Collection 2 review through here and Activision released the following PS3 launch trailer for Face Off, same one as the 360.

Thanks to Gav for the tip!