Modern Warfare 3 Stat Loss Fix, PS3 Problems to be Patched, and Much More

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Modern Warfare 3’s creative strategist, Robert Bowling, has touched on several issues regarding patch plans.

While the last patch has improved the lag compensation (host disadvantage) to some extent, there is still plenty of room for improvement. Robert Bowling revealed that Infinity Ward has “further improvements” on the way to remedy this issue. Robert also confirmed that the team behind Modern Warfare 3 is currently discussing “fading objective markers” while aiming down sight and introducing the ability to adjust “music volume in game.” Robert has reiterated that the PS3 should receive an update to patch the voice chat in Modern Warfare 3. He promised that a fix is indeed “in the next update”. PS3 users will also see “theater improvements” to sort out the YouTube link feature.

Unfortunately, the stat loss issue has not been completely ironed out with patch 1.06. If your stats get rolled back, Robert suggests that by “backing out to SP and then reloading MP”, it “will restore a new connection to the server, and hopefully save any stats prior.” However, there is no official word on when the stat loss issues will be fixed for good. On a different note, double tapping Y/ Triangle to skip the reload animation that we featured in our Modern Warfare 3 tips article (tip #8) is not going anywhere. When Robert was asked if the team behind MW3 would consider to change the mechanic, he stated that “we currently have no plans to change that.”

When we asked Bowling on when the next patch, 1.08, will drop, he answered “I do not currently have an ETA on the next title update.” Bowling did confirm that the next patch is coming by the end of the month.