Modern Warfare 3 Weapon Rebalancing “a Selective Process” and More on “Panic Knifing”

Modern Warfare 3’s creative strategist, Robert Bowling, discusses panic knifing, quickscoping, weapon balancing, and potential nerf to Type-95.

Earlier today, we reported on Bowling’s suggestions on how to deal with panic knifing. In a nutshell, Bowling suggested that players should be careful when walking around corners. This advice aggravated one fan to jokingly demand Bowling to remove corners all together. Robert’s response was quite amusing, “roger. Got it, the answer to camping is to remove all corners. Call of Duty: Circle Warfare will be amazing.” Now that panic knifing is under the magnifying glass, one fan suggested that everyone hates it. Bowling  disagreed, “the guy doing the knifing is loving it.” Another fan tried to persuade Bowling by bringing up the realism argument in regards to knifing, Robert answered “that’s the thing about war in video games and war in real life. One is fun; the other is real.” In terms of quickscoping, some players believe that there is a difference in quickscoping mechanics between semi-automatic rifles and bolt actions, Robert refuted these claims, “I don’t believe so. It should be the same mechanic.”

One fan approached Bowling with an interesting observation, basically he stated that Treyarch “messed up” Black Ops by “nerfing everything.” To which, Bowling responded, “I agree that weapon rebalancing should be a very selective process.” I don’t believe that Bowling is criticizing Treyarch, but offering his thoughts on the weapon rebalancing process to be more conservative. As previously mentioned, no additional tweaks are planned at the moment. Read more about the weapon balancing in patch 1.08, which will be released soon on PS3 and PC. One weapon that is still considered to be overpowered is the Type-95, Bowling stated “We haven’t discussed any additional nerfs beyond the slight one we made a few updates ago.” Type 95’s hipspread was slightly reduced back in December.


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