Modern Warfare Broken Angles Lets Enemies See You First Proven, EOD Perk Gets Broken in Latest Patch

modern warfare broken angles

Remember when we posted about invisible enemies in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Well, it seems this is a bigger issue than we thought. Apparently, there’s something in how the camera angles work in the game that lets enemies see you (a lot of you!) before you see them, and no, it’s not “peeker’s advantage” which is usually in other shooters. This Modern Warfare broken angles thing is explained in detail below

Here’s how severe it is:

While this angle thing is a normal thing to shooters (to some extent), it’s never this bad. Here’s Xclusive Ace’s explanation on how it’s working in Modern Warfare:

To be clear for many people that didn’t pay attention, the issue isn’t that this is happening at all since it is normal to some extent for an FPS. The issue is the extreme degree at which this is occurring that I’ve never seen in a previous CoD or other games like CSGO. You should not be completely invisible to a player if you can see more than half of their body and also more than half of their face.

Want to see it in action, check it out in Xclusive Ace’s video below:

There is a solution to this, however. Ace demos that all players need to do is NOT to hug the wall. If you do that, a big part of your character will be seen, and you won’t even see them at all. Hopefully, Infinity Ward fixes this soon as it seems to be a big problem in a shooting game.

Speaking of fixes that need to be implemented soon, it seems the latest patch released earlier today has broken the EOD perk (at least on the PS4). Reddit user Zombie_Cop posted evidence of this where players can’t hack claymores, and what’s more, the prompt to hack claymores sometimes doesn’t even show up!

E. O. D. is now completely broken post update (PS4) . Pressing square to hack does not work, the animation just resets. Also approaching claymores from behind sometimes does not even bring up the hack prompt from modernwarfare

Same as the one with broken angles, let’s hope Infinity Ward fixes this ASAP.

Have you experienced being killed by “invisible players?” Do you think this is due to the broken angles? Let us know in the comments below.

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