Modern Warfare Deathmatch Domination & Gunfight Variations Incoming

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Those looking forward to new game modes to play in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you’ll be getting that soon-ish. In this week’s Community Update, Infinity Ward confirmed that Modern Warfare deathmatch domination is incoming, as well as a variation of the 2v2 mode, Gunifght.

We’re also working on some fun twists on old favorites, like Deathmatch Domination…and we’re working on a version of Gunfight with some updated loadouts. We also have some more 2XP events coming your way over the next few weeks too, so stay tuned for more details!

For those not familiar with deathmatch domination, it’s a more kill-focused take on the standard domination mode. In deathmatch domination, kills will count toward the overall score, so those who hate that some players don’t go after objectives and just kills, Modern Warfare deathmatch domination should be a welcome change of scenery.

Those getting stuck with the Spec Ops download loop on PS4, Infinity Ward is still investigating it, and has no update to give just yet. Thankfully, we posted a fix that hopefully works for those affected.

Given the state of the game now due to the 1.13 patch, don’t be surprised if we get a new patch this coming week just to address the issues brought by the latest update.

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