Modern Warfare Invisible Glitch Triggered by Purchaseable Skin, Ghost Teased in Piccadilly

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While we’ve already posted about “invisible players” in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare before, it’s mostly something that players don’t have control over or maybe some weird netcode issue. Well, there’s a new Modern Warfare invisible glitch for players that seems to happen for those who bought one of the Operator skins for sale.

Spotted by streamer cKorrupt, the Dallas Empire alternate outfit from the COD League team kit lets players become invisible at a certain distance. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself below.

Hopefully this bug is amended soon, or I can see people spending actual money just to pad their kill-death ration using this exploit.

In other Call of Duty news, Infinity Ward has dropped a big-time Ghost tease once again. For those that aren’t keeping tabs, the studio has sneakily inserted Ghost teases in all of the multiplayer maps that have televisions by showing or flashing Ghost’s face. This time though. it’s a full-blown in-your-face thing (image via The_seuss) which can be seen in the center portion of the Piccadilly map!

We’re not sure if this means a new Operator is coming, a skin for one of the Operators, or something else entirely.

For those unaware, Ghost is the nickname of Lieutenant Simon “Ghost” Riley,” who was a Birtish special forces operator in past Call of Duty games. If you spot more Ghost teases in the game, let us know via email and we’ll credit you with the find.

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