Modern Warfare Spec Ops Pack Download Loop Fix

modern warfare spec ops pack download loop fix

In case you didn’t know, Infinity Ward issued a big Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch yesterday that not only included gameplay changes, but also brought with it, a host of different issues too. After downloading the main patch, players will be asked to download another big patch, which, for the PS4 is called the Spec Ops pack.

Unfortunately though, after downloading the 13GB Spec Ops pack, some players still can’t start the game, and will be asked to download it again! This is something that has happened to me, and if this has happened to you, or know someone who experienced it, there’s a possible Modern Warfare Spec Ops pack download loop fix!

Two people from the community posted the same kind of Modern Warfare Spec Ops pack download loop fix!

Spec Ops download loop… fix? (PS4) from modernwarfare

Possible fix for Spec Ops pack download loop from modernwarfare

Aside from that, there’s also two other methods listed below.

There is a multiplayer update pack you need to download from the store separate from the game update. I had to go to the ps4 store and find it myself.

Don’t connect online cancel connecting to servers then click on multiplier local. It will take you to the pack. There is currently an additional issue of the spec ops pack also on a download loop so beware of that

So far, it seems the PS4 is the only platform affected by this, and I hope you’re not in the same boat I am, as I am now redownloading the entire game data since I ddn’t see the fix on time.

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