Modern Warfare Fastest Nuke – Watch Someone Do It in 29 Seconds

modern warfare fastest nuke

While pulling off a Nuke in any Call of Duty game is a hard enough feat, what if I told you someone managed to do it in less than a minute in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Yep, someone just snatched the Modern Warfare fastest Nuke award, and it took them all 29 seconds to do it!

There was no hacking or cheating involved (or that wouldn’t have counted), but it was done in hardcore mode, and on the new Shipment map (kinda exploiting the map’s horrid spawns). Using the FAMAS. watch Payton132 amass a ton of kills just by sitting in one corner and going to town!

29 Second Tactical Nuke (Using Shipments broken spawns) 🙂 from modernwarfare

As you can see, the game just repeatedly kept spawning in enemies directly in front of him which equated to easy kills. Of course, this isn’t as easy as it looks, as playing hardcode on a map like Shipment meant that your teammates would most likely get in the way of your shots or you’d end up team-killing them.

Nonetheless, congrats, Payton132! I honestly don’t see this record being broken anytime soon given we don’t have any maps that have spawns as broken as Shipment.

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