Modern Warfare Playlist Update July 14 Now Live, Here’s What Changed

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Infinity Ward has rolled out the Modern Warfare playlist update July 14 server patch and it’s live now on all platforms. Players won’t need to download anything, as once they connect to multiplayer (and Call of Duty: Warzone), they will automatically install the update.

Modern Warfare Playlist Update July 14 patch notes:

Here are the changes per Infinity Ward:

A patch is now live across all platforms that fixes:
· Renames D-Day’s ‘Border War’ skin and bio
· An exploit where players could pick up weapons they dropped before the infil sequence in #Warzone
· A Rytec AMR bug where shots were hitting above the crosshairs in their scope

Also of note, there was another server-side patch released on July 9, and while there’s mostly fixes, you might want to check it out too.


  • Fix for incorrect text appearing as one of the SUV camos
  • Fix for the Rytec AMR not awarding the correct amount of XP when using explosive rounds
  • Fixed an issue where the Rytec AMR could one-hit kill when using explosive rounds in BR
  • Fix for the Fully Loaded gun perk not functioning as intended when equipping alternate ammunition on the Rytec AMR
  • Fixed a bug where a CUAVs could be found in Warzone
  • Fixed an issue where some players were unable to use Field Upgrades in FFA
  • Fix for an issue where players were able to go AFK while playing All or Nothing

Once we get more news about what’s happening to Season 5 and more, we’ll let our readers know.