Modern Warfare Recoil Patterns for Assault Rifles Detailed

modern warfare recoil patterns

While Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been out for quite some time now, Infinity Ward has been adding guns to the game throughout its life span. Given how assault rifles are by far the most popular gun in the game, some might be curious how the Modern Warfare recoil patterns work for the assault rifles, and we’re here to help.

Thanks to Reddit user NotMegatron, here’s a quick but detailed view of how each recoil pattern is for the assault rifles released for the game so far. Note that these recoil patterns are presented via their base values (meaning no attachments at all).

As you can see from the spray pattern, some guns are a lot harder to control. Having said that, the attachments to control recoil do help a lot, and as such, doesn’t mean that the gun with the worst recoil is the “worst” one.

In your opinion based on your experience, which gun is the best in terms of having the least amount of recoil? Personally, I’m used to the recoil pattern of the RAM-7 and Kilo, though I know most people prefer the recoil pattern of the M4.

For those looking to complete the gun reticles, we’ve also posted a guide about that which even includes pictures of each reticle type.

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