Modern Warfare Upcoming Changes Include Spawns, Super Quiet Footsteps in Crouch & ADS, Piccadilly Changes Being Tested

modern warfare roadmap

While Infinity Ward just rolled out a big Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch a few days ago that implemented some much-needed gameplay tweaks, the studio is far from done. Thankfully, Co-Design Director of Multiplayer Joe Cecot and Sernior Communcations Manager Ashton Williams have shared some of the Modern Warfare upcopming changes, and they sound very, very promising!

According to Cecot. some of the Modern Warfare upcoming changes include spawn tweaks, tuning the FAL assault rifle, and an “overhaul” to footsteps when in ADS (aim down sights) or moving while crouched!

A lot of solid changes in here. Get in there and try it out, share your feedback! More things still to come: – spawn updates – more weapon updates (>_> FAL) – overhaul of footstep audio for ADS and crouch movement

Cecot added that the overhauls in footsteps audio makes them “very, very, very” quiet in crouch and in ADS, which is something run and gun players are looking forward to a lot.

Overhauls makes them very very very quiet in crouch and ads

As for spawns, Williams mentioned they are still monitoring it but assured players that it will get addressed.

Spawns are still getting some love. We’ll continue to monitor and update em.

Also of note, if you’re someone who plays multiplayer significantly, you’ve no doubt played on the Piccadilly map on Domination or TDM (team deathmatch). If you have, chances are you’ve noticed that the players who spawn on A are at a significant disadvantage due to “power positions” given to those who spawn on C. Thankfully, Infinity Ward is testing it and has confirmed that yes, changes to Piccadilly are coming!

Tweaks to Piccadilly aren’t live yet. Still testing

Finally, Williams confirmed that challenges, missins and other stuff regarding progression that are bugged, will be fixed, though the devs are still testing it.

As the patch notes mention, challenges, progression, and missions are getting a full sweep of testing and fixing. We’ll have more updates for these in future updates.
While players might have weapon balancing requests, and other stuff they want Infinity Ward to take a look at, it’s comforting to know that the studio is listening to the community and are making changes based on player feedback. Once we know more about some of theother changes, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.
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