Modern Warfare Vector Leaked & Here’s Gameplay, Upcoming Operators Unearthed

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By now, it’s no secret that Infinity Ward is planning to release new weapons as DLC in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare While we already know of the existence of the crossbow, a Modern Warfare Vector SMG (submachine gun) sighting has also been spotted!

Reddit user asvpxgio has posted actual Modern Warfare Vector gameplay, which you can watch below.

The vector leaked in pc files from modernwarfare

Aside from weapons, players shouldn’t be surprised that we’ll get new Operator skins as DLC, too! Thanks to datamined info, we now know the names of 13 upcoming Operators in Modern Warfare (via Reddit user Senescallo)!

In order of appearance…

  • Iskra (Allegiance / Chimera)
  • Kilgore (Allegiance / Spetsnaz)
  • Nebo (Allegiance / Jackals)
  • Stohli (Allegiance / Spetsnaz)
  • Trigg (Allegiance / Spetsnaz)
  • Yandi (Allegiance / Jackals)
  • Farah (Coalition / Warcom)
  • Ghost (Coalition / Warcom)
  • Hooper (Coalition / Demon Dogs)
  • Kato (Coalition / SAS)
  • Lynch (Coalition / Demon Dogs)
  • Quin (Coalition / SAS)
  • Zedra (Coalition / Warcom)



Given how we’ve just gotten a new patch earlier today, expect more datamined info to surface soon. Of course, given these are datamined info, there’s no guarantee that they’ll show up in the game in the future or at all.

Did you use the Vector before in Modern Warfare 2? Do you think it’ll make a difference in the M4 and 725 weapons meta?

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