MoH: Warfighter Fireteam Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer, Introducing Web-Based Metagame on Battlelog

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Check out the brand new Medal of Honor: Warfighter “Fire Team” multiplayer gameplay trailer showcased on stage at this year’s Gamescom and get the first details of some brand new features making their way to the Battlelog this October 23rd.

Before unveiling this visually stunning multiplayer trailer, Danger Close executive producer took the stage to explain how they’ll be “taking Medal of Honor global” by using the very same social networking, stat-tracking service used by Battlefield 3, the Battlelog.

Though Medal of Honor: Warfighter will only be featuring 10 different nations in-game, players will be able to represent one of 193 nations in the newly introduced web-based metagame featured on the Battlelog.

Expect more info to come.