Monster Hunter World Accolades Trailer Tells Us What We Already Know

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Monster Hunter World Is Getting a Lot of Love!

While Monster Hunter World is already selling by the truckload, it seems this is one of those instances where both critics and the gaming population agree on the same thing, and that’s how awesome Monster Hunter World is.

Capcom has released a new video touting the accolades the game has gotten from early reviews. Platitudes like “excellent,” “amazing,” and more are thrown about. Check it out for yourself.

While MP1st’s review didn’t make the trailer, you should check it out to see why we had this to say regarding the game:

If you like going up against bosses in games, and find that thrilling, then think of Monster Hunter World as Boss Fight: The Game. It’s one compelling boss fight after another, that’s sprinkled in with loot, crafting, and other RPG nuances that make the journey exciting even after the numerous missions. Monster Hunter World is one monster you’ll want to take home and nurture.

Monster Hunter World is out for the PS4 and Xbox One, and will soon crawl its way to PC as well.