Monster Hunter World File Size Is Super Manageable

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With games weighing more and more each year, it looks like the days of being able to download a full-sized game at less than 20GB is quickly becoming a distant memory. Apparently, someone forgot to tell Capcom, as the Monster Hunter World file size is at a super manageable 16GB!

This measly (relatively) file size has been confirmed by the Monster Hunter World Japanese case.

Bear in mind though, this is just for the base game, and doesn’t include any day-one patches, or even the free DLC that’s expected to be rolled out sometime after launch. Nonetheless, seeing a game not go over 20-30GB is a godsend for those with PS4 HDD’s full to the brim.

Set for release in January 26, 2018, PS4 gamers can try the game for free this January 18-22 to see if Monster Hunter World is their kind of beef (monster, meat, get it?).

Source: PSU