Monster Hunter World New Variant Monsters Reveal Postponed, Resident Evil Crossover Comng to PC

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In case you didn’t know, Capcom was set to unveil two Monster Hunter World new variant monsters on February 6 at the Taipei Game Show. Unfortunately, the majority of world is now undergoing the big  coronavirus  scare, which has put the kibosh on the event itself.

Over on Twitter, Capcom announced that the reveal has been postponed for a later time, though nothing’s been set yet in terms of schedule.

Hunters, we have a quick update on the upcoming 2 Variant Monster reveal: Since Taipei Game Show has been postponed, our planned Feb. 6 reveal will be released at a later time. We are currently looking for the best opportunity to share the news with you. Stay tuned!

The original plan was for a new trailer and info drop, which we’re hoping is still the case.

Also of note, while console gamers might have already enjoyed the big Monster Hunter World X Resident Evil crossover event last year, PC gamers will be getting it this month! Check out the new trailer where we see a Mr. X skin for the Handler!

No definite yet other than “February 2020” for the Resident Evil content’s release on PC. Unless something drastic happens, PC players can expect a little bit more frights in their fights soon!