Monster Hunter World PC Crash Fix for Alt-Tab and More Is Here and It’s Unofficial

While console players have been enjoying slaying monsters in Monster Hunter World since January, PC players are only experiencing the joys of monster killing this past week. Unfortunately, the PC version of Monster Hunter World has been mired in technical issues that have made the game unplayable for some.

Fortunately, fans are here to save the day! Steam modder Kaldaien has released a mod pack that fixes a few nagging issues, and thankfully, the Monster Hunter World PC crash fix is included! Called the “Special K” mod pack, it fixes the game’s issues when alt-tabbing out of the game, and even improves the CPU usage, which is godsend for those who don’t have a lot of RAM.

You can check out the full mod features right here, and we’ve outlined some of the current features and a short intro from the modder.

[Special K] HDR10 (Actual HDR Display Output) Fix


I’m working on various improvements for this game, and wanted to release something for the community. The anti-mod BS in this game is the strongest I’ve ever seen (puts FFXV’s stupid anti-debug to shame).

I do not know if this is a part of Denuvo that has never been used before or if it’s actually a trumped up ad-hoc solution from people who have no business imposing restrictions on the consumer. Anti-debug / anti-mod is always bad, but it’s exponentially worse when done by amateurs who do not have the necessary experience to ensure their stupid charade doesn’t do more harm to the customer than benefit (is there any?) to the publisher.

</end anti-mod rant>

    • Current Features:
      • HUDless screenshots
      • Texture/button mods
      • Pre-HUD ReShade
      • Fixes for fullscreen exclusive problems the engine has
    • Possible Future Features
      • Aspect Ratio Correction

In other Monster Hunter World news, the game has now cemented itself as the biggest Japanese Steam game of all time! Don’t forget to check out our multitude of game guides for the game which include some end-game builds!

Source: Steam via PCGamer

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