Monster Hunter World Trophies Listed, Blood Not in Full Game

With Monster Hunter World set to come out in just a few days, it seems some people managed to snag an early copy. One of these said people is from forum 4chan, and has even posted the Monster Hunter World Trophies list!

  • Platinum one
  • Unlock rank misions 2
  • Unlock rank misions 3
  • Unlock rank misions 4
  • 50 sidequest
  • First investigation
  • 50 investigation
  • First Arena mission
  • 50 Arena missions
  • Build 5 camps
  • Hide from a Jagras (Tutorial)
  • Fish for the first time
  • Cook for the first time
  • Ride a monster
  • 100.000 investigation points
  • 1.000.000 money
  • 5 very rare armor
  • 5 very rare weapons
  • Go to a better house
  • Find another cat
  • Maximun dex on a special item
  • Investigate ALMOST every one monster
  • Investigate 100% on a monster
  • Investigate 100% on 10 monsters
  • Investigate 100% on ALMOST every monster
  • Catch a big monster
  • Catch 50 big monster
  • Kill 50 elder drakes
  • Kill 100 big monsters
  • Kill 500 big monsters
  • Use a emergency flare
  • Get in to a emergency flare 10 times
  • 1 coop mission
  • 100 coop misions
  • 50 guild cards
  • Get rank 100

+ 14 other secret trophies

There’s screenshots of various armors and more right here! Be wary though, there’s potential spoilers in it. Overall, the Monster Hunter World Trophies seem to be pretty straightforward and doesn’t entail anyone doing anything ridiculous. Of course, there is the chance that one of the 14 hidden ones fall in that category, but usually those are story related.

Also of note, the sharer mentioned that there is no blood in the full game during combat and just “dust and rocks.” There’s no option to turn it on or off, as some people might have believed. Maybe Capcom doesn’t want the PETA going after them for showing animal/monster blood? Or maybe to lower the ESRB rating?

In other Monster Hunter World news, the beta has managed to amass over 10 million hours of playtime! Now that’s a lot of monsters slayed! There’s also not going to be any pay-to-win stuff in the game since the game’s producer isn’t a fan.

Source: 4chan via GameFAQS, Reddit

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