More Balancing and Changes Revealed for Upcoming Warframe Update

warframe update 27.2.0

Developers Digital Extremes have revealed some more details around the upcoming Warframe update that’ll be launching this week.

In addition to the previous list of changes, down below you’ll find a list of new armor buffs, fixes, and general improvements that will be included in the soon to be released Warframe update.

As listed on the official Warframe forums

Warframe Armor Buffs:

The following Armor Values are changing for Warframes:

Ash: 65 to 100

Ash Prime: 150 to 175

Banshee: 15 to 100

Banshee Prime: 65 to 125

Baruuk: 150 to 175

Ember: 100 to 125

Ember Prime: 125 to 150

Equinox: 100 to 125

Equinox Prime: 120 to 150

Gara: 125 to 150

Gauss: 150 to 175

Harrow: 150 to 175

Hydroid: 200 to 225

Hydroid Prime: 250 to 275

Inaros: 200 to 225

Ivara: 65 to 100

Ivara Prime: 65 to 125

Limbo: 65 to 100

Limbo Prime: 85 to 125

Loki: 65 to 100

Loki Prime: 65 to 125

Mag: 65 to 100

Mag Prime: 65 to 125

Mesa: 65 to 100

Mesa Prime: 85 to 125

Mirage: 65 to 100

Mirage Prime: 150 to 175

Nekros: 65 to 100

Nekros Prime: 65 to 125

Nezha: 175 to 190

Nova: 65 to 100

Nova Prime: 65 to 125

Nyx: 15 to 100

Nyx Prime: 50 to 125

Oberon: 150 to 175

Octavia: 125 to 150

Revenant: 105 to 125

Rhino: 190 to 225

Titania: 65 to 100

Trinity: 15 to 100

Trinity Prime: 15 to 125

Vauban: 50 to 150

Vauban Prime: 100 to 200

Volt: 15 to 100

Volt Prime: 100 to 125

Wisp: 150 to 175

Zephyr: 15 to 100

Zephyr Prime: 75 to 125

Why: The conversation surrounding Arcane Guardian led to a significant review of Armor stats on Warfarmes. The Majority of Warframes received an increase in the Armor stat to increase survivability. Compounded with Shield Gating and the numerous other changes covered, we expect a much more fair feeling playing field for all Warframes. 

Arcane Guardian Details + Reminders

Arcane Guardian

On Rank 5: On Damaged:

15% chance for +900 Armor for 20s

  • Arcane Energize will still give energy to toggled Warframe abilities – this has been asked a lot.
  • Arcanes will require 21 Arcanes to reach the new Max Rank of 5. Scarlet Spear will feature a buy-what-you-want shop for Arcanes based on the currency earned in the event. It will launch in March shortly after the Mainline.

Magus Arcane Changes:

Magus Accelerant

On Rank 5: On Void Blast:

Reduce Enemy Resistance to Heat Damage by 65%

Magus Anomaly

On Rank 5: On Transference In:

Enemies within 30m are pulled towards Warframe

Magus Cadence

On Rank 5: On Void Dash:

100% chance for +90% Sprint Speed for 12s

Magus Cloud

On Rank 5: On Void Mode:

+300% Void Dash Radius for 6s

Magus Destruct

On Rank 5: On Void Blast:

Reduce Enemy Resistance to Puncture Damage by 65%

Magus Drive

On Rank 5: On Transference In:

Increase K-Drive Speed by 150% for 30s

Magus Elevate

On Rank 5: On Transference In:

95% chance to restore 300 Health to Warframe

Magus Firewall

On Rank 5: On Void Mode:

Generate Void Particles every 1s up to 6 particles, each granting 12,5% Damage Reduction for 60s. Taking damage consumes a particle.

Magus Glitch

On Rank 5: On Transference Static:

102% chance to negate Transference Static

Magus Husk

On Rank 5: On Transference Out:

+150 Armor

Magus Lockdown

On Rank 5: On Void Dash:

Drop a mine that tethers up to 10 enemies in 15m. After 4s it explodes dealing 60% of their Health as Puncture Damage.

Magus Melt

On Rank 5: On Void Dash:

Increase Heat Damage in Operator Mode by 20% for 15s, stacking up to 7x.

Magus Nourish

On Rank 5: On Transference Out:

Restores 35 Health/s to Warframe

Magus Overload

On Rank 5: On Void Blast:

Stun robotic enemies for 3s, which then discharge Electricity Damage dealing 80% of their Max Health to anyone within 25.

Magus Repair

On Rank 5: On Void Mode:

Heal Warframes within 30m by 25% Health/s.

Magus Replenish

On Rank 5: On Void Dash:

100% chance to heal 30% Health.

Magus Revert

On Rank 5: On Void Dash:

Use again within 3s, to return the Operator to their original position at no energy cost, Restores 60 Health. 3s cooldown.

Magus Vigor:

On Rank 5: On Transference Out:

+300 Health

Why: The Operator Magus changes were stated in a simple line in the first Workshop, but we wanted to go into greater detail on these. We have reworked Magus Cloud, since its original design was not popular. 

Depth of Status Changes

Our original Workshop said the following:
“In further additions, previously unstackable Status Effects (Puncture, Cold, Magnetic, Radiation, Viral) will now have stacking effects. We’ll have more information on this later as it develops!”|

This Part 2 serves to provide that information. In a way,the Status changes are much bigger than just ‘give >100% Status meaning’. While getting 2 Status Effects on a single shot is a novel change, the way Status’ will now Stack is likely going to be more noticeable:
We have made substantial changes to not only adding stackable Status Effects to those Status’ without it, but also changing some existing:

TypeStacking Behaviour when a duplicate Status Effect Occurs: 
SlashEach Slash Status has its own duration, but now we only show a maximum of 10 damage numbers in the HUD, damage is unaffected, but reducing how many damage events we show helps with performance
ImpactRepeat single-target Impact Status Effects will escalate the efficacy of the Impact Status (from Stagger to full Ragdoll).
EDIT: We are reviewing how Ragdoll feels and may change pending feedback. EXPECT AN UPDATE TODAY ON THIS NOTE! EDIT 2: No more Ragdoll!
PunctureThe first Puncture Status Effect has an enemy deal 30% less Damage. Subsequent Puncture Status add +5% weakening, leading to up to 75% (capped). Each Puncture Status has a duration of 6 Seconds.
ColdThe first Cold Status Effect deals 25% slow. Subsequent Cold Status Effects deal +5% slow for a total of 70% slow at 10 procs. Each Cold Status has a duration of 6 seconds.
HeatNo Change.
ToxinSee Slash, plus the base duration of a Toxin Status Effect now matches Slash for 6 seconds.
ElectricAoE Electric Damage that is part of the Status Effect can now reoccur while the target is still under the stun animation of another Electric Status Effect.
BlastAoE Impact that goes through enhanced stages of Crowd Control and Knockdown with repeat Status.
Grants the Blast Status Effect to all enemies in radius.
Blast Status reduces enemy accuracy by 30% base. Subsequent Blast Status Effects add +5% innacuracy for  for 75% total at 10 stacks. Each Blast Status has a 6 second Duration.
CorrosiveThe first Corrosive Status Effect strips 26% Armor. Subsequent Corrosive Status Effects strip 6% more Armor, leading up to 80% Armor removal.

Each Corrosive Status Effect lasts 8 seconds.
Note: Corrosive was the only Status with infinite Duration and 100% Efficacy toward a defensive stat. This was necessary to some based on how Armor Scaled. We feel our rebalancing efforts need a differently behaving Corrosive to balance out all Status overall. 

RadiationThe first Radiation Status Effect has an enemy deal 100% Damage to allies. Subsequent Radiation Status adds +50% damage, leading to up to 550% (capped). Each Radiation Status Effect has a duration of 12 seconds.
MagneticNew Status Effect entirely: enhanced Damage! First Magnetic Status Effect deals 100% additional Shield damage, subsequent Magnetic Status add +25% for a total of 325% (capped). Enemies under a Magnetic Status Effect cannot regenerate Shields. Magnetic Status Duration is now 6 seconds.
ViralNew Status Effect entirely: enhanced Damage! First Viral Status Effect deals 100% additional Health damage, subsequent Viral Status add +25% for a total of 325% (capped).
Note: Before Viral would halve a target’s health pool and simply refresh the duration. Now it deals 2x Damage to Health, and can scale up to 4.5x Damage on repeat Status Effects. 
GasThe base duration of a Gas Status Effect now matches Slash for 6 seconds.

Why: The inclusion of enhanced or different stacking of Duplicate Status Effects is one to refresh the appeal of Status. Our long-term goal with this change is to build upon this series of changes to allow Status to impact bigger threats like Liches and Eidolons and not just have blanket Immunity. 

Status. Our long-term goal with this change is to build upon this series of changes to allow Status to impact bigger threats like Liches and Eidolons and not just have blanket Immunity. Faction Aura Changes

There are 3 Auras that target specific Factions:

Infested Impedance, Corrosive Projection, and Shield Disruption.

We are rebalancing the faction Auras to not completely bypass our rebalancing effort. More importantly though, with the complete Enemy defenses rescale these Auras (mostly Corrosive Projection) will not be as necessary as they were. 

Why: We think being consistent is key. Passively removing 100% of an enemy’s defenses is not an interesting choice, and we were completely inconsistent in this regard with Auras (i.e the efficacy of 4x Corrosive Projections vs 4x Shield Disruptions). Expect these Auras to reach somewhere in the 60-80% Range when 4x are equipped as we are still testing.

Self Damage + AoE Weapons

In addition to Self Damage being removed, some of the more powerful AOE weapons without Self Damage presently will have the Stagger added, but it should only be noticeable in cases of extreme inaccuracy on the player’s part. The Weapons include:

Kuva Chakkurr


Opticor Vandal



Synoid Simulor




Kuva Seer





Granmu Prism

Exard Scaffold

In the original Dev Workshop, we said:

As a result of this overall systemic change, Weapons with Stagger will be getting approximately a 20% buff in Damage, with any weapons with AOE receiving a 50% Radial Damage Falloff from central impact. 

This is no longer accurate after continued testing. What we are doing now is:

No damage buffs have been added, but any weapons with AOE are receiving ~20% increase in Radius. Additionally, AOE weapons are receiving a 90% Radial Damage Falloff from central impact. This means on the very outer section of the explosion Radius 10% of the Damage will be dealt. Tactics will be deadly – aim true, Tenno.

Why: Several players brought up the history of the Tonkor and we want to make sure we ship this change in a place that’s conservative in its starting point from a balance perspective. The complete removal of Self Damage does change the pace of destruction with some of the game’s most powerful weapons, so we want to make sure we can iterate upwardly instead of releasing a bonanza of explosions with no other choices. 

Talk about a growing patch note. Many of these changes are certainly going to alter the way people play, and hopefully for the better. We’ll be sure to post the full official patch notes once the update goes live later this week. Stay tuned and be on the lookout later this month as Operation Scarlet Spear will also be launching on Warframe, giving us our first hands-on experience with Squad Link.

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