MW3 – Despite Updates, Activision Is Still “Looking Into” Hacked Lobbies

Despite recent updates meant to combat hacked lobbies in Modern Warfare 3 on the Xbox 360, players are still running into these “infected” lobbies games. Fortunately, Activision is aware of the infestation.

Yesterday, Mikey from Activision’s customer support team mentioned that “an update went out” to care the infected lobbies problem and also stated that he is now “trying to find people who are seeing [hacked lobbies] post update”. Unfortunately, players are reporting that the infection is still being spread. So far, the only official response from Activison support is that the security teams behind MW3 “are currently looking into this.” For a full analysis of these modded/infected lobbies and how to get un-infected, please read up on it here.

As an update regarding modified clan tags, Mikey has recently warned that “the security team is taking action on those tags. Action can include suspensions and bans. Don’t do it.” Stay tuned to MP1st for more Modern Warfare 3 news!

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